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CIGH director calls for urgently needed PEPFAR Reauthorization on World AIDS Day

On World AIDS Day 2023, CIGH Director Dr. Charles Holmes pens an opinion piece in The Hill, “Focus on what matters: PEPFAR’s role in making the world healthier and more secure,” urging
PEPFAR reauthorization and full funding. He highlights a new Bipartisan Policy Center poll
conducted by Morning Consult that demonstrates powerful bipartisan support for investments
in global health and the lifesaving PEPFAR program.

CIGH Director co-authors argument for strengthening U.S.-Zambia relationship

On the eve of the December 2022 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, CIGH director Dr. Charles Holmes and Ambassador Mark Storella—former U.S. Ambassador to Zambia—penned an op-ed in Think Global Health discussing the mutual benefits of fostering strong relationships between the U.S. and African nations, like Zambia.

CIGH Director calls for a reinforced Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

On the eve of UNGA and the 7th Global Fund Replenishment, CIGH Director, Dr. Charles Holmes writes in The Hill that “the Global Fund has provided hope and delivered on the promise of partnership between nations and solidarity of mankind.” And notes that “we cannot achieve our 2030 goals or a strengthened posture of pandemic preparedness unless we match our ambition to the current threats we face.”

Blantyre Prevention Strategy funds SCORE Project to improve COVID-19 phone clinic

Led by Dr. Titus Divala, the Blantyre Prevention Strategy’s funded SCORE Project created a community response platform and phone clinic to help address the COVID-19 epidemic. The community response platform increased communication between health officials, communities, health care workers, and volunteers, while addressing misinformation, interventions, and increasing trust between all parties.

CIGH co-authors Global Health Action commentary on HIV/SRH integration

CIGH staff co-authored a Global Health Action commentary that synthesizes findings from a multi-country landscaping of sexual reproductive health (SRH) and HIV services funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This article calls for further integration of HIV and SRH services, particularly for adolescent girls and young women.

Blantyre Prevention Strategy presented at Malawi Partnership Forum

Dr. Gift Kawalazira presented elements of the Blantyre Prevention Strategy, notably the construction of the HIV prevention data pipeline, at the Malawi Partnership Forum on February 25, 2022. The data pipeline is a key strategy in helping Blantyre reach the Fast-Track Cities Initiative goal of eradicating AIDS by 2030.

CIGH director discusses Omicron and global health security

CIGH Director, Dr. Charles Holmes, wrote in the Council on Foreign Relations’ Think Global Health, “The global reactions to the omicron variant over the past few days provide a good reminder of what remains undone in terms of the global response to COVID-19 and pandemic preparedness in general.” Read the full article here.

Malawi government partners with CIGH to publish a chapter on systems approaches to HIV prevention

CIGH Senior Programs Manager, Anna Carter, co-authored a chapter in Inoculating Cities, entitled “Developing a more effective locally led response to the HIV epidemic in Blantyre, Malawi,” published in September 2021.

CIGH Director, Dr. Charles Holmes, joins 2021 World Health Organization Guidelines Development Group for HIV

WHO launched updated consolidated HIV guidelines for prevention, treatment, service delivery & monitoring on the sidelines of the International AIDS Society Meeting on July 16, 2021. As he has since 2009, Dr. Holmes served as a member of the Guidelines Development Group that reviewed emerging science and made recommendations.

2021 UN High-Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS

Dr. Charles Holmes urges world leaders to protect gains against HIV, TB and malaria, while applying “the lessons learned during the early days of the fight against HIV as we continue to grapple with COVID.” Read the article published in Council on Foreign Relations and Think Global Health here.

Georgetown’s CIGH marks 40 years of HIV

In a series of Twitter threads, CIGH Director, Dr. Charles Holmes reflected on the losses we have endured from the HIV pandemic, as well as the remarkable resilience of communities most affected by HIV over the years, including people identifying as LGBTQI+. Reflections; the Struggle Against Stigma, Hate and Discrimination; Looking Ahead

CIGH Director joins with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Health Organization, Médecins Sans Frontières and the International AIDS Society in a re-examination of the HIV care cascade

Read Dr. Peter Ehrenkranz, CIGH Director Dr. Holmes and colleagues recently published PLOS Medicine article entitled “The revolving door of HIV care: Revising the service delivery cascade to achieve the UNAIDS 95-95-95 goalshere.

CIGH leads Lancet analysis on strengthening the measurement and performance of HIV prevention programs

CIGH Director, Dr. Charles Holmes, in addition to colleagues from the Kenyan National AIDS Control Council, Global Fund, Malawi Ministry of Health, UNAIDS, PSI, Boston Consulting Group, and others were published in a May 2021 Lancet HIV commentary entitled “Strengthening measurement and performance of HIV prevention programmes.” Read the full commentary here.

We Will Not Stay Silent

The Center for Innovation in Global Health stands firmly against all racism, discrimination and police brutality. Read our statement here.

CIGH Director Dr. Charles Holmes on COVID vaccines, variants, and mask-wearing

Listen to Dr. Holmes on the Times Radio discussing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new study about double-masking. The full audio can be found here.

High variability in the measurement of HIV primary prevention activities and outcomes: the need for consensus in global HIV prevention indicators

Read CIGH Director Dr. Charles Holmes and Senior Programs Manager Anna Carter’s recently published article in the Journal of the International AIDS Society discussing the need to refocus attention on achieving greater consensus on a global measurement framework for HIV prevention. Read the full article here.

CIGH Affiliates Dr. Rebecca Katz and Dr. Eric Goosby appointed as advisors to President-Elect Joe Biden’s COVID-19 task force

On Monday, November 9, President-Elect Biden announced the 13 members of his coronavirus task force, with two Georgetown CIGH Affiliates among their ranks. Read more about their work here.

How Lessons from Global Health Can Improve Health And The Response To COVID-19 In The US

Dr. Charles Holmes and CIGH affiliate Dr. Eric Goosby discuss with Health Affairs how lessons from global health can improve health and the response to COVID-19 in the United States.

Proposed withdrawal from WHO is ‘deadly and wrong’

CIGH Director, Dr. Charles Holmes, was featured in an Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) press briefing, and articles in Bloomberg Law and other outlets, on President Trump’s decision to halt funding to the World Health Organization.

Foreign Policy of America “Must Read!”

Foreign Policy article “It’s Time to Help Africa Fight the Virus” by Dr. Charles Holmes, former Deputy US Global AIDS Coordinator; Anthony Lake, former U.S. national security advisor and executive director of UNICEF; and Witney Schneidman, senior advisor for Africa at Covington & Burling LLP is a Foreign Policy for America “Must Read”!

Dr. Holmes Discusses Zambia’s Struggle to Secure Coronavirus Supplies With the New York Times

Dr. Charles Holmes was featured in the New York Times article by Jane Bradley, In Scramble for Coronavirus Supplies, Rich Countries Push Poor Aside.

A Global Imperative for Local Support

Dr. Charles Holmes writes in the Council on Foreign Relations Think Global Health: “A Global Imperative for Local Support: The novel coronavirus pandemic raises the stakes for strengthening local partners and capacity to deliver health care”.

Africa is Not Starting from Scratch on COVID-19

Georgetown’s Dr. Charles Holmes, Matthew Boyce and Dr. Rebecca Katz write in the Council on Foreign Relations Think Global Health: “Africa is not Starting from Scratch on COVID-19: Success against coronavirus will require national leadership, engaged local responders, and strong cooperation with NGOs”.

Accelerating Universal Health Coverage

Dr. Charles Holmes joined the Prince Mahidol Awards Conference in Bangkok to advance discussions on accelerating “convergence” between disease specific responses and UHC in order to achieve better health outcomes and sustainability.

It’s Time to Protect the U.S. and the World Against Global Pandemics

Dr. Charles Holmes wrote in the HillIt’s time to protect the US and the world against global pandemics.