The Center for Innovation in Global Health

Innovating in research, programs, and policy to bring lasting solutions to global health challenges

The Center for Innovation in Global Health (CIGH) partners with governments, civil society and other experts to develop innovative public health solutions. Directed by Dr. Charles Holmes, CIGH was formally established in April 2020 and brings together a multi-disciplinary team with a track record of tackling some of the toughest challenges in public health.


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Our R4P recording is out! On Thursday, January 28th, CIGH co-hosted a satellite session with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation titled “Optimizing the delivery of HIV prevention services for maximum impact and sustainability: the Blantyre Prevention Strategy.” Co-chaired by Dr. Charles Holmes and Chimwemwe Mablekisi of Malawi’s National AIDS Commission, speakers presented on the Blantyre Prevention Strategy’s innovative systems approach to HIV prevention.

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