About Us

Who We Are

The Center for Innovation in Global Health (CIGH) works with governments, civil society, and other experts to develop innovative solutions to global health’s toughest challenges.

Why Innovation?

In our experience, lasting solutions to global health challenges require innovation at all levels: Innovative leadership to adapt health policies and systems to create more effective and equitable health systems. Innovative technologies that surmount intractable barriers to reaching positive health outcomes. And innovative research and delivery strategies that result in better outcomes by meeting the needs and preferences of individuals and communities.

CIGH believes in ground-up public health innovation that starts with inclusive problem-solving that elevates local voices and expertise, moves beyond surface solutions to address structural inequities, and rigorously tests innovative solutions to ensure sustainable impact at scale.

Our Focus Areas

Research: Studies of Health Systems Innovations

We start with a deep understanding of challenges and barriers to public health programs and use implementation science to test innovative strategies to improve health outcomes.

Programs: Program and Governance Innovation

We work with governments, civil society and other partners to support development of more responsive, inclusive health systems that sustain impact through local leadership.

Policy: Policy Development and Multi-lateral Engagement

We leverage years of experience at the interface of policy and programmatic leadership to develop grounded yet aspirational policy ideas that improve health outcomes.

Center for Innovation in Global Health Policy and Law Initiative

The Center for Innovation in Global Health is expanding its footprint to the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University Law Center. CIGH works with collaborators around the world to develop and study global health innovations and support their translation into policy and scale.  This requires not only smart public health ideas and innovation, but multi-disciplinary engagement with policymakers, scientists and legal experts. The collaboration with the O’Neill Institute allows for the robust engagement of Georgetown Law faculty around the translation of global health innovations into effective health policies and laws.