Our Work

What We Do

The Center for Innovation in Global Health innovates in research, programs, and policy to bring lasting solutions to global health challenges

Innovation in Research

Patient Centered Public Health

We hypothesize that a person-centered approach to care provision is expected to lead to a more responsiveness healthcare system with better outcomes.

Testing Innovative Health Delivery Models

In order to achieve scale, models of chronic care delivery in global health have often been one-size fits all. Our research suggests innovative new models are beginning to show promise.

Improving Public Health Decision Making Through Better Data

Our research enables national, regional and global policy makers to increase their understanding of HIV treatment and prevention programs, prioritize interventions, and improve decision-making for a strengthened HIV response. 

Innovation in Programs

Health Systems Approaches to More Effective and Sustainable HIV Prevention

In 2020 we partnered with the Government of Malawi and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to launch the Blantyre Prevention Strategy, a $20 million strategy for strengthening local health systems, focused initially on the prevention of HIV and strengthening health security.

Differentiated Service Delivery

CIGH leadership was involved in early innovations to scale effective HIV care through developing the differentiated service delivery approach. Differentiated Service Delivery for HIV is now considered the standard of care globally.

Innovation in Policy

Integration of Global Health Programs

We are on the forefront of innovative thinking on the synergies between single-disease programs like HIV and broad health system approaches like universal health care and pandemic preparedness.

Improving the Quality of HIV Services

With 5 million lives lost annually to poor quality care in low and middle income countries, governments and global partners such as WHO have prioritized improvement. We help lead this work.

Engagement with U.S. Policymakers

The U.S. has a proud history of leadership in global health, yet we cannot this support for granted. We partner with think tanks and advocacy organizations to bring fresh and field-tested ideas to the policymaking sphere.