Elevating Anti-Racism and Social Equity in Our Work

As a Center dedicated to addressing global health’s toughest challenges, we know that racism must be dismantled in order to achieve equitable health outcomes. We all must be anti-racists. That means we must work actively to recognize and address the systemic racism present in our country and abroad. We will continue to elevate racial equity and social justice in our work and in our organization, joining the call for true leadership from our government and an end to the unjust structural policies that keep Black and Brown populations disadvantaged.

We know that the first step in overcoming systemic racism is to understand that it is a problem. We must start by examining ourselves. We are proud to be part of a university, Georgetown, that has taken actions, particularly in recent years, to address past and current injustices, and we are committed to doing more.

We are committed to interrogating our position of power and approach to our work in other nations; and to learning, listening, reflecting and responding to how racial injustices and colonial approaches have been institutionalized in global health.

We are committed to elevating and following the voices and expertise of the communities with which we seek to work, who are disproportionately affected by injustices around the world; and to advancing community-driven solutions that build more equitable and ethical health systems.

As we work toward ensuring a more just and healthy society, we will redouble our efforts for equity and stand in solidarity with those calling for lasting change.